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Chicago Christian UniversityTM

Transcending All Other Universities

"…your [people]…shall dream dreams…"


Founded February 5, 1970


Sponsored by the L. F. Nexus Think Tank



Thursday, May 26, 2011  Update of This Page



Chicago Christian University provides instruction in ethical and spiritual values as well as in all of the academic and professional disciplines.


AMFEDEA has just consolidated several institutes and colleges into Chicago Christian University.  This begins to move us from a partially virtual university to a fully physical university with the additional classrooms, buildings, and campuses that we need.

                                                                                                    – Dr. Michael J. Bisconti, President



WebPsyops is in the process of greatly expanding our website.


Charles Townsend, Dean of Men

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



Chicago Christian University is composed of numerous colleges, including (partial list):


College of Anthropology (L. F. Nexus Think Tank, TPI member, Guy Gianesin Research Institute)


College of Astronautics

Graduates of the College of Astronautics will be the first astronauts to travel to Mars.


College of Biblical Textual Calculus

Biblical Textual Calculus is taught nowhere else in the world except for our L. F. Nexus Think Tank at

Biblical Textual Criticism is a prerequisite.


College of Biblical Textual Criticism (Tischendorf Institute)

CCU is the first university in history with a college devoted to the subject of biblical textual criticism.


College of Biology


College of Business (Chicago Business Institute)


College of Chemistry


College of Chronotransology

CCU is the first university in history with a college devoted to the subject of Chronotransology, the science of temporal transportation (“time travel”).


College of Computer Science (MicroTech Institute)


College of Law (Chicago Constitutional Law Institute)


College of Liberal Arts


College of Linguistics (Chicago Linguistics Institute)


College of Mathematics


College of Medicine (Michael J. Bisconti College of Medicine)

(TPI member, Anthony Gianesin Research Institute)


College of Physics (Chicago Theoretical Physics Institute)


College of Pneumiatry (Pneumiatry Institute [TPI governing body])


College of Political Science


College of Psychiatry (Pneumiatric Psychiatry Institute [TPI member])


College of Psychology (TPI member)


College of Sociology (TPI member)


College of Theology



Our new email system is now up and running.  You may now contact us at the following email addresses:





Our old registrar address,, is still active.




The map to the right shows the properties that we are seeking to get rezoned.


All three campuses will be located in

Barrington, Illinois.

Chicago Christian University
Barrington Campuses







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